Classic Massages

Thalassa Boutique Hotel & Spa, prides its self on the its, AnagenisisAnagenisis, is a holistic spa with therapies and treatments to treat the mind, body and soul.  All spa facilities and treatments rooms have been elegantly designed creating an environment of complete harmony.

Price range:

Swedish Massage

The classic Swedish Massage helps to de-stress the body by working on tense muscles and stimulating circulation, leaving the guest feeling totally relaxed.

EUR 90.00


A therapy that’s history can be found in ancient Greece. The perfect one to leave your body and mind soothed and tranquil.

EUR 90.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This style of massage focuses on the physical tension, knots and scar tissue that can build up in the body over time due to stress, lifestyle, sports or injury.

EUR 110.00


Reflexology brings harmony to the body and mind by using techniques that apply deep pressure to certain points on the feet

EUR 90.00